Qingwei Lidou Ke

Qingwei Lidou Ke

“Lidou” is the blessing ritual to pray for Dipper Mother and Northern Dipper in order to get good fortune and prolong life. Lidou is originated in the popular worship toward constellations. The duty of Northern Dipper is to manage the record of the people when they die. Therefore, Daoism regards that it people want to dissolve the misfortune and to prolong life, it is necessary to worship Northern Dipper to remove the name from the register of death. Lidou is the blessing ritual to express this kind of Daoist belief. The main deities of this ritual to worship are Dipper Mother and Northern Dipper. Dipper Mother gave birth to Nine Emperors (Gouchen, Ziwei, and Seven Stars of Northern Dipper) and became the mother of the stars in Northern Dipper. Because of her noble status, the lidou ritual is necessary to offer reverence to Dipper Mother prior to the stars of Northern Dipper. During the ritual, the priests will present the names of the believers who participating the ritual to the gods in the petition in order to pray for good fortune for them.


Ritual: Qingwei Lidou Ke

Production Year: 2016

Movie time: 01:56:58

Performer: Fung Ying Seen Koon

Producer: Fung Ying Seen Koon


  1. 啟經讚
  2. 吊掛(一)
  3. 小讚(一)
  4. 五供養
  5. 開經無上品靈章
  6. 小讚(二)
  7. 懺悔文
  8. 解厄頌
  9. 經功偈
  10. 吊掛(二)
  11. 朝禮叩拜斗姥元君
  12. 雙吊掛
  13. 吊掛(三)
  14. 送表讚
  15. 香花送
  16. 辭聖讚
  17. 收經小讚